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Pre-Ordering system

Custom built for Food Trucks

Define Venue, Menu, and Timing for each location and visits seamlessly. Share purchase links on Social media, Whatsapp, and website.

Truck partners of Restogy are receiving 80% pre-orders!


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Our Offerings

Contactless and Online ordering

Ordering system built to suit the dynamic nature of the food trucks. Create a pre-order link and QR code for each event/visit. You don't have to have a website!

Q-buster: Kill the long lines

Don't make your customers wait to place orders. Offer a 'choice' of QR feature to help your customers place orders and pay at the venue.

Dish Inventory tracking

Intelligent dish inventory system built to mark dishes 'Sold-out'  automatically 

Enable social media ordering 

Convert Social media posts into Sales and Revenue engines. Get pre-orders when you make a post on social media

Customers with Cash/Venmo/Paypal?

No worries! We have got that covered. 

Restogy supports payment types other than card only method

  • Why do I need Pre-ordering/Online Ordering from Website and Social Media?
    The beauty of the ordering system is that The customer gets to purchase his favorite food in advance(instead of standing in a long line) You get paid in advance, before going to the venue (better cashflow) You don’t have to have a 'dedicated' teller/cashier to collect orders and payments(reduced labor and labor cost efficiency) You get to plan the demand (quantity of dishes) better.
  • I have/someone I know has tried online ordering before and I think it is too overwhelming
    Just because online ordering did not work for some trucks doesn't mean online ordering is not useful. It might just mean - it can be designed better and one needs to believe that the advantages will outweigh the difficulties of using it. Restogy online ordering is built by keeping the difficulties of food truck businesses at the front and center. Try it today and fall in love with it! :-)
  • I don't have a website. How do I use Online ordering?
    We clearly understand most trucks do not own a website. No Problem! We generate a purchase link and QR code for every visit/event and the links can be posted on your Facebook and Instagram pages when you talk about your upcoming menu, and visits.
  • I take pre-orders through email and phone. Why should I use Restogy?
    We understand you are a super busy professional. With Restogy system, no one needs to 'manually' take down the order or respond back to the voice calls to take orders. Restogy platform will be your assistant in taking orders and most importantly, collects payments along with the orders. Last, but not the least, you will be getting access to your customer phone and email details which you could use later to send promotions, news, menu changes etc. Engage with your customers intelligently!
  • How to balance between online orders and walk-in orders?
    Restogy recommendations - Encourage walk-in customers to use QR code feature so that all orders come from a single Restogy system. They don't need to download an app. They just need to use their smart phone and camera. - If it is an event in the evening, make sure QR code is lit with enough light and make it easy to scan. - QR scan and self-serve ordering reduces your effort and time needed in collecting card swipes and waiting for POS to process payments.
  • I have a small truck and it is hard to manage pre-orders!
    We understand Pre-order can be a night mare for various reasons - Customers do not show up at the exact pick-up time and you won't have space to store the food - Number of pre-orders to be prepared and the number of orders being placed by the walk-in customers at the same time can be too overhwlming (for eg: 15 pre-orders between 12:00 pm to 1:00pm already placed plus 15 walkin customers waiting to place orders between 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm) Best Practice suggested by Restogy - Prepare the food in batches for the next 20min.-30min. order slots. Once it is ready, our system sends an SMS to the customer to collect food. - Stack by item and assemble the order when the customer walks in to collect - We provide an ability to control the preparation time. If there are way too many orders at a specific time slot, increase the preparation time, so that the orders are not placed in the busy slot any more.
  • Can I accept Cash/Venmo/Paypal payment methods?
    Yes, with Restogy you can choose to support 'Pay at Pickup' option apart from pay by card option. Customer can opt for 'Pay at Pickup' when he wants to pay by Cash/Venmo/Paypal etc.
  • I have multiple venues and events. Can I build menu for each?
    Absolutely. Restogy allows you to copy menu from previous event, edit, and publish for a new event. Multiple menus could co-exist. For eg you could do the following: Venue 1 - 25th May - Menu 1- Pre-Ordering link 1 with QR code Venue 2 - 26th May - Menu 2- Pre-Ordering link 2 with QR code Venue 3 - 27th May - Menu 3- Pre-Ordering link 3 with QR code Venue 4 - 28th May - Menu 4- Pre-Ordering link 4 with QR code Finally, publish a common link that helps your customers to view all the upcoming events and then make bookings/purchases
  • How do I inform customers once the food is ready?
    Restogy allows you to Tap a button on the app given to you once the Food is ready and we automatically send SMS to the customers with order status update
  • How am I notified about a new order received?
    You could get notified on any or all of the following ways: - Loud Beep on your tablet - SMS to your phone number - Email


Free Setup

Just share your menu and Truck details and we will do the heavy lifting of setting up your online presence.


*No additional fee. Early bird offer!  

Increase Sales

Share a purchase link along with Menu, Venue, and Timing details on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Website. 

Own your customers and data

Do you have a database of customers with their contact information? Restogy provides exactly that for you to build and maintain relationship with your customers

SEO Optimized Ordering System

We understand Online ordering system by itself doesn't drive traffic and we have ingrained Local SEO elements into our ordering system.


It works 24/7, 365 days a year to be the best marketer of your menu.


Smiling Man in Suit

"I have been using Restogy's contactless table ordering for providing safety and contactless option for my in-dining customers. It has reduced the staff requirement. Their online ordering system works like a charm! We have seen 30% net improvement in sales with Restogy"

John Henry

- Restaurant Owner


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