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5 Creative Ways To Increase Online Sales In The Restaurant

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Digital presence is one of the tried-and-tested ways to increase restaurant revenue. An attractive online food ordering website is something that will attract the new dine-in clients and also helps to retain the existing customers.

But the fact is, having a website is not enough. When the new customers visit your site, they will initially click on the online menu. You should not only make a well-organized menu but also work on multiple-backed strategies to boost up your sales.

So, if you are really interested in knowing some super strategies to increase sales in the restaurant, this guide will surely help you out in the online promotion of your food restaurant.

Let’s dive deep!

1. Capture Diner’s Attention with Strategic Labelling of Your Menu

The correct use of Adjectives significantly attracts the customer’s attention. If you want to convert the client’s visit into the dining decision, you should learn to make the use of the tool, known as “Strategic Labeling”.

It involves using the right copywriting techniques, marketing phrases, and positive and environmentally-friendly adjectives. Strategic labeling is something that most people ignore.

You may ask:

Why do most small business owners ignore strategic labeling?

The reason is they do not focus on professional labeling and consider it something too easy. But it’s not!

Here are some tips that will guide you about the whole process like what things you should mention on the label to make it stand apart from the competitors, how to increase restaurant revenue in online sales, and much more!

free-Item Offer: Some restaurants give extremely attractive “Buy One, Get One Free” offers. As a result, a lot of couples dine in. You can come up with any similar attractive offer like: “One Burger Free for anyone who will finish it within 2 Minutes”. Free item offers can increase your revenue by up to 27%.

Seasonality: Merging your menu with seasonal events like Christmas, or new year is something that will play a vital role in highlighting your brand. In this way, the people who have never paid heed to your company will also try to visit at least once, and there are chances that they will soon become returning clients.

Write Deep Descriptions: Your descriptions should be deep and detailed enough to give the idea to the client what you actually offer. It also gives you a chance to charge a premium for super ingredients. For example, you can charge more if you are using olive oil instead of butter.

Customer Diet Trends: Not everyone can eat spicy food. When you introduce the quality menu, automatically customers feel attracted and even ready to pay more for it. For this purpose, using the most appropriate and well-targeted keywords is a vital thing. For example, you can mention “Vegetarian Salads Available” or “Organic Deals”, etc. There are some other similar options as well as you can have special offers for fat people or diet plans for people suffering from Diabetes.

All you need to do is to do extensive research on what people want to eat and how you can write labels exactly according to what they are looking for.

2. Highlight Trending Dishes & Popular Items On Your Online Menu

Feature the most profitable dishes in the “Popular Items” section. It also includes highlighting your festive items like “National Chicken Soup Day”.

Want to know the pro tip?

Divide your online menu into different categories, for example, make a separate category for the vegetarians, and put all the salads, appetizers, and juices in that list. We bet that your clients will thank you for this. It greatly helps the customers who come on your website with a lot of dietary restrictions.

You can also make a separate category for fast food, and another for a gluten-free diet. The same goes for Paleo dishes as well.

So, it is crucial to add the section of "popular Items" as well.

It is also one of the strategies to increase sales. Make the checklist and find out the most sold items of the last week. It can be some dessert or some specific burger. Update your online menu weekly by adding the most popular items.

3.Offer Membership Cards With Modern Deals

Even if you are running a small business, you need to be a bit more modern. Offering membership cards to your customers is something that tells almost all the details about the free products. It starts from drinks, desserts, and anything else that does not significantly harm your bottom line.

While choosing the discount offers for the membership card, or providing free product offers, be very careful about your budget and profits as well. Keeping the high-quality food and services aside, you must opt for the more technical item and that is a well-organized online or in-person membership card.

4. Encourage Employee Participation & Work On the Grooming

Whether your business is small or large, you certainly have some employees. When your workers are experts and know how to talk effectively with the customers about the deals and offers, it will further refine your sales.

As a head of the company, you should be well-equipped about online marketing, and also provide training opportunities from your customers as well.

It is worth mentioning that your clients are the face of your brand, and they truly represent the quality of the food your company offers.

Work on physical improvement as well, and assign the uniforms and badges for your clients as well.

Moreover, your staff members should be creative enough to introduce a new layout of the dining tables, and work on modern techniques to maximize the sales.

A good staff will not only work whole-heartedly for the success of your business but also care about personal growth as well.

5. Put Your Maximum Efforts On Marketing

How many local people know about your website and all the new deals? Are you spending on digital marketing? Do you consider being active on social platforms?

If you cannot positively answer the above questions, you are missing something very important. Do you know why small business owners get confused about all this? Is it something costly and unaffordable? Certainly not!

There is a big misconception that marketing tactics are expensive. It is costly, but not when you only focus on going local.

Let's make it clear.

As a small business owner, you do not need to pay for billboards, digital ads, and tv ads. Why? Because you are not expecting to get dine-in clients from other countries or far away areas. All you need to do is enhance your local reach and rank your website in the local area.

Thus, whether you are looking for local or traditional advertising, using local marketing tactics is always affordable. For this purpose, you can advertise or partner with local organizations, schools, colleges, banks, and offices. Make sure to target almost all the considerable nearby places that are within your reach.

The Surest Way To Increase Your Revenue Is Optimizing Your Online Menu

Well, you are now well-familiar with some of the proven and tested strategies to increase sales in the small restaurant; I want to mention that the most authentic and the surest way is to work on your online menu. It starts with positioning the most relevant and profitable things on the top and emphasizing the various categories.

Keep everything organized, well-categorized, and simple, and you will surely stand apart.

While captivating customers, your online menu should reflect all kinds of potential buyers, whether they are vegetarian, meat-lovers, or on a strict diet. Engineering in the skill of making the most out of the online menu seems really interesting and works well.

When your potential clients will see the high-margin products on the top, they will get driven by the initial engagement. A captivating online menu will motivate the purchase of the potential customer, and only take 3 seconds to build up the overall brand recognition.

So, it is worth spending on the online menu even if you are not currently in the position to look for other options.

As a matter of fact...

Your customers cannot do an online chat every time. Even if they do, your staff members cannot guide every new website visitor from scratch. In this case, the clients go for an online menu that makes the very first impression.

In nutshell, working on the online menu is the best revenue optimization strategy.

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Final Verdict

A recent study reveals that 74% of the customers order food online, so as a restaurant business owner you must follow these unique and working ideas to avoid missing out on even a single chance of getting new dine-in clients or bringing the existing customers back.

If you are serious about your online restaurant business, you should give your time to marketing as well. Ideally, you must make the best use of all the above-mentioned techniques.

Still, have questions?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Happy planning!

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