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Boost up Your Restaurant Revenue Up To 7x with Instagram Food Ordering Tool

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

If you are looking for free advertising options, using Instagram for commission free online ordering is the best choice. The enticing images of the food can not only boost up the interest level of the potential customers but also make them consider your online menu.

What's new?

Instagram is now offering a Food delivery tool that has been introduced during the novel coronavirus pandemic. It is making it easier for people to support their favorite local businesses.

In this article, you will get to know how Instagram can revolutionize your whole food business, and how Instagram's food ordering tool can help you to boost up your restaurant’s sales.

Let’s get started.

How To Do Commission Free Online Ordering Through Instagram

If you own a restaurant and have an Instagram business account, you can get commission-free online orders in two ways.

● On your Instagram profile, people can see the button, “Order Food”, and place the order by clicking on that button. When you will share the link to your Instagram business profile, more and more people will reach out to you.

● Another method is to use the “special Food Ordering Stickers” that appear on the Instagram story. The best part is, your followers can not only order the food by clicking on the stickers but also share stickers with other people as well.

Boost Up Restaurant Revenue With Instagram

In both of the above-mentioned ways, your restaurant can get commission-free ordering through Instagram.

Using Instagram for the marketing of your food business is something that can highly boost up your sales. When you share the pics of the delicious and spicy dishes and iconic images of the special foods, viewers immediately start valuing your social presence.

The core of the matter is to make your brand stand out from the various competitive food ordering websites using the power of Instagram.

Here’s How You Can Set Up Instagram Food Ordering

You can make the best out of Instagram if you know how to set up Instagram food ordering.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Make The Use Of Business Account On Instagram

The first step is to designate your restaurant as a business account. It is easy to convert the personal account into an Instagram business account, so even if you do not have that, you can easily fix this issue.

Business account particularly focuses on the growth of your business.

Link Your Food Ordering Website On The Instagram Account

It is the link that brings the customers right on to your website where he/she can see the online menu, discount offers, brochures, and all other foodstuffs. So, once you have set up your Instagram profile it’s time to integrate your website on Instagram.

Still, confused?

Look for the “Integration” tab on the left side, clicking on this link will bring you to the section where you can easily input your website details and get your Instagram specific online ordering link.

But we've not ended yet,

You need to follow a few more steps to finalize the food orders through Instagram.

Copy & Paste The Instagram Specific Link On The Profile

Boost Up Restaurant Revenue With Instagram

Now you have a link that you can insert on your profile that will redirect the customers to your website.

But remember!

Do not forget to mention the purchase options on Instagram. In your profile, you can see the options related to your business information. By simply editing your profile and adding the purchase details, you can make it easier for yourself to earn.

Instagram gives you an option to add the food partner as well. That's where you got the plus point

Now you have successfully set up Instagram food ordering. What should you do next?

Promote Your Instagram Food Ordering

As we have discussed earlier, you can promote your Instagram food ordering in various ways, such as using Instagram stickers and Instagram posts.

Let’s see what's the catch!

How To Promote Food Ordering Via The Stickers On Instagram Stories

Instagram gives the option of Instagram stories to users. For this purpose, simply choose the “Create Instagram Story” Option. But make sure you already have the most attractive photo to add as a story.

Before adding the enticing food photo, keep it as a draft and add the “Sticker Icon”. You can see the sticker icon option on the top corner of the screen.

Out of many food stickers, you will also see the FOOD ORDERING stickers as well. Use these relevant stickers to promote your food ordering.

After adding the sticker to the draft, you can now post the story.

There are many other options available to customize the text and make it more catchy that can hit the viewers right off the bat.

Learn to figure out what works best for you. Here it is worth mentioning that no one can neglect the importance of attractive visuals.

So, once you have selected the most attractive text format, try to use the call-to-action words and phrases, so that your followers and other people will get everything in just one click, bringing commission-free online ordering for your restaurant.

For example, you can use copywriting techniques and use catchy phrases like

● Order delicious vegetarian salads in one click.

● Click on your favorite dish and get it right now!

● Let us take care of your meals.

● Get your favorite beefsteaks delivered now!

What can set you apart?

When all the other food companies are doing the same thing on Instagram, you should also do something more creative and captivating.

Highlight the story, add other stickers, and include drawings to make the posts more viewer-friendly. When your followers like your story, they will love to share it with other people as well.

How To Promote Food Ordering Using The Instagram Posts

Using Instagram posts gives you more diversified chances to advertise your food ordering. You can not only add the food stickers in the posts but also tell the people about the “food order” button present on your profile.

However, if you are new to this, you must use all the possible ways to give insight to the potential viewers about your business including your service, home delivery options, employers, menu lists, website details, images of food items, etc.

Once you will learn the art of adding convincing posts, you should focus on attractive and explaining captions as well.

We are gonna provide you with some ideas of the captions that can explain well to the followers about your brand.

● Getting the food delivered now is not that hard. Click on the “Order Food” button on Instagram for anything you wanna eat.

● Hit the “Order Food” button on the profile, and get the favorite dishes at your doorstep within minutes.

● Visit our profile and see what we have for you in our online menu. Just use the “Order Food’ button to get started.

And many more!

But bear in mind that, using attractive captions is not enough. Consider adding the text in the images too. Written text on the posts gives more clear insight at a glance.

With the modern tools and techniques, it has become even easier to edit the posts and photos and make them look exactly according to the desires and demands of the potential customers.

For instance, a bonus offer like “Buy ONE, Get ONE FREE” for some particular dish can do wonders. When your posts will start getting clients, naturally its reach will increase and there are strong chances that it will go viral at least in your locality.

Some Wonderful Tips To Increase Your Sales Using Instagram

Order Food On Instagram

Here are some more tips to increase restaurant sales using Instagram.

● Offer free meals to Instagram followers who share your posts 100 times daily for a week. You can also entice them by giving gift cards, or any other rewards that do not hurt your bottom line.

● When you learn to value the opinions of the people, you automatically start getting new responses. So, whenever you introduce a new dish or a cake flavor, ask your Instagram followers to enroll in the competition and name it. Treat the one who chooses the most appropriate name. It will induce interest in the people about your brand.

● Being consistent is the key. If someone wants to order the food and clicks on the Food Order option, he/she must get the expected response, and the food must be delivered on time.

● Make sure that you have an easy-to-understand, short, and searchable business account name and brand identity. People on Instagram always look for entertainment and deliciousness, and they leave the difficult things.

The Bottom Line

Now you have read all about the tips that can help you to boost up your restaurant revenue with Instagram Food Ordering Tool, you can now imagine the role Instagram can play in advertising your food business.

By following out tips, you can enjoy the increased following and ultimately more recognition and more orders.

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