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Behavioral Marketing: Boost Online Sales Of Your Restaurant Up To 85%.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Have you ever thought about what makes the customers choose your brand again and again over the competitors? How can you achieve the customer's loyalty and keep them stick around?

The answer lies in the rightly done behavioral marketing. It’s the reason behind the success of big food businesses like McDonald’s and Dominos.

Behavioral marketing is all about getting loyal customers, who keep on boosting your online sales and seem to be with you for as long as possible. It’s all about building trust using the tailored, personal as well as relevant interactions.

Research by McKinsey reveals that an 85% increase is observed in the sales of the companies that leverage customers’ data.

It should be part of your business strategy to figure out your regular customers, interact with them via emails, and make them feel special. No other competitor can sway them easily once they turn out to be loyal to you.

Let’s see how behavioral marketing can help!

What Is Behavioral Marketing?

"Behavioral marketing involves the study of behavior patterns of employees, market producers, and counterparts, and to formulate the developmental strategy according to the reviews of customers".

When you make an online purchase at the restaurant, you may receive an email. This email is quite relevant to your last purchase, and asks for your feedback about the most recent purchase, or reveals discount coupons for your next order, etc. It not only increases the customer’s engagement but also clearly shows that you value the reviews of your customers and love to grow your online services and marketing strategies.

If you intend to boost your online sales using behavioral marketing, then consider sending emails to the recent clients using their browsing history, recent searches, time zone, food preferences, and location.

Remember that these emails should be hyper-relevant and behaviorally-targeted, and should not turn out to be generic.

There are different types of customers that purchase online food options at your restaurant. Making use of tools like real actions, relevance, and context, you can drive-in more sales. You can also offer an add-on service at half the price.

All these things are part of behavioral marketing. You are now very well familiar with the basic concept of behavioral marketing. Let’s dive deep.

How You Can Benefit From Behavioral Marketing To Boost Online Sales

Are you targeting the new customers, or going to send emails to the returning ones, this marketing effort will surely prove to be fruitful.

Here are some tips to increase your restaurant revenue using the power of behavioral marketing.

Re-engage the Customers By Sending The Personalized Messages

A personalized reminder or a newsletter can change the way your clients think. Make them feel that you have truly missed their presence and want them to be with you again. Chase your customers and encourage them to think about your brand once again!

One might ask,

How can we re-engage the customers using behavioral marketing?

The answer is simple. Send them an email with a personalized discount offer, and simply mention, “You are being missed”.

Offer Special Day Incentives

It is a reality that when you make someone feel special, he starts giving you importance.

Applying this rule, you can boost up your sales.

So, if your guest’s special day is coming, you should consider it as an excellent sales opportunity. Wishing him a birthday and giving a 10% incentive will provide you with a sure chance of winning his loyalty.

Check now if your guest’s special day is coming soon.

Remind Your Customers About The Abandoned Cart

What’s waiting in your cart this weekend?

It will trigger the interest of the customers as it is an effective sales tactic that entices the sense of the customers, and they are very likely to react.

You can even double the effect of this tip by adding the enticing and delicious image of your client’s favorite food in the email or SMS by checking the food ordering preferences of your returning clients.

It is a particularly great option for food-related businesses because a catchy food photo immediately attracts the attention of the client.

Strategically Target The Audience based on Location

Interacting with customers using their location data is something that will make them feel special. If the customer’s browsing history reveals that he is only a few kilometers away from your food shop, send him push-notifications on how he can order online food and get it delivered within minutes.

There are many ways to make your customers aware of business offerings and takeaways.

For example, you can send the following short pop-up notifications:

● Your favorite burger is only 5 km away from you. Get it ordered right now!

● Your favorite foodies are just a block away. Order takeaways and get the food delivered within seconds.

● Feeling hungry? Click here for curbside pick up!

And many more!

Gather Real-time Data About Your Customers

If you want to prominently stand out among the competitors, you should pay special heed to the customer’s data, and know who are your regular customers and what more they expect from you. Many online tools can help you to gather real-time data and analytics about your customers and use it to interact with the customers via behavioral marketing.

The fact is, it is no longer a component of a business, but an integral category of the online business especially restaurants. When you keep in personal touch with the customers, they feel free to dislike anything that they dislike in your food business. In this way, you can not only win the loyalty of the customers but also get honest reviews that play a vital role in your development.

The best part is, the anticipation of the customer’s purchasing behavior and making changes in the business accordingly generates the feelings of being special in the customers, and they become more concerned about your business, and cannot be swayed by the competitors.

So. All you need to do is to gather authentic and accurate customer information and generate relevant content for each customer.

If you are successful in finding the demographics of your target audience, you have achieved a big milestone.

This brings up the question,

How can you do this?

In today’s world of technological advancement, free in-build tools and plugins are available that you can integrate into your websites and get the desired results.

How Behavioral Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing has not turned out to be very successful as it focuses only on sending generic emails and notifications. These generic mass-market emails had low click-through rates and down subscriber-retention rates. In short, traditional marketing has failed to retain clients and gain their loyalty.

Behavioral marketing has revolutionized businesses and greatly increased the customers’ and subscribers’ retention. Personalized emails and other behavioral marketing strategies help restaurants to boost online sales by 85%.

Want to know the best part?

It has also improved the click-through rates, retained the subscriber and customers, plus enormously helped the food businesses in achieving measurable ROI.

In nutshell, behavioral marketing has the potential to find new loyal customers and convert them into lasting ones.

Some Working Behavioral Marketing Tips to Boost Online Sales

To increase the engagement of the current customers, and convert them into lasting loyal clients, is possible only with behavioral marketing. When customers find out you are presenting something that matches their interests and focuses on their personal choices, they start responding in a way that will bring more online sales.

Here are some practical tips to achieve this milestone.

● Ask your customers to share their experiences related to your brand, and give them a chance to share their precious opinions through your social media posts, so other people will also be able to benefit from the recent dine-in experiences of the current customers.

● Whenever you get a new online sale and find a new customer, immediately send prompt emails, introducing your mission and warmly welcoming the newbies. To obtain customer loyalty, we highly recommend sending him special discount offers and specific free deals for the very next visit. It will encourage the newcomers to try your brand again and again and keep on finding out what you have for them.

● Behavioral marketing is all about timely interaction with the customers. So ask your clients about their special dates like birthdays, and never forget to wish the special occasions to your returning clients.

The Bottom Line

If you exactly follow the above-mentioned behavioral marketing strategies, you will observe an increase in sales in no time. This kind of personalized marketing gives you an edge over the competitors and deeply focuses on the behaviors of the customers.

Well, now you have read this article on how you can boost online sales with the help of behavioral marketing, how do you use these marketing strategies to increase the recognition of your brand?

Which of the behavioral marketing tips did you like the most?

Timely interaction with the clients or wishing them special occasions of their lives?

Either way, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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