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Powerful Ways To Boost Delivery-Only Restaurant Business On Social Media

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Want to get more orders and drive more traffic to your food business? Not sure how to do this? Stick around; the secret lies in the perfect social media marketing and the maintenance of your social media presence.

In the past few years, the use of social media accounts has proved to be a tremendous opportunity for online businesses, especially virtual kitchens and delivery-only restaurants.

A report by the investment Cowen & Company reveals that in the next five years, delivery-only restaurants will occupy 80% of the food businesses and people will enormously rely on off-premise spending. Moreover, a report on online meals and dead kitchens predicted that by 2030, almost 95% of the meals will be ordered online, and social media will be playing the main role.

So, if you are running an online food business, then you must realize the importance of boosting your delivery-only restaurant business on social media.

The good news?

In the upcoming years, there will be more brutal competition, so it is the perfect time to work on your social media strategies and make your brand recognizable. This article will guide you on how you can keep your brand stay on top in the social environment, and what are some social strategies to influence new customers in natural and exciting ways. We have lined up some of the top proven tips to help you out.

Let’s dive deep and see how you can do successful social media marketing!

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How To Boost Delivery-Only Restaurant Business On Social Media?

Offer Online Ordering Services On Social Media

Social media is the most natural way to interact with customers. On social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, you have a lot of people who are ready to focus on catchy and impressive food photos and online delivery options.

Instead of waiting for the people to visit your website, you can reach them out using the sponsored ads, and other effective means on social media and tell them that you are offering online food ordering services near their locality.

You can make engaging and attractive videos to keep the people stay informed. You can also add the element of entertainment to increase interest rates and make people do various purchases.

Thus, even if you have a website and food ordering app, you must consider social media marketing to attract a massive audience.

Here it is worth mentioning that:

247 million Americans use various social media platforms especially Facebook to interact, engage, and connect with people. So, you can realize that it makes sense to go where people are already waiting for online food delivery options.

Use Facebook To Engage With Customers Facebook is the most important platform among all the other social media platforms due to its massive usage and easy interacting options. As a matter of fact, you can get the maximum of your sales through this amazing social website.

There are over 2.23 million active users of Facebook and have a very strong user base. It is the strongest form of advertising that guarantees powerful ways to inculcate your online-delivery options in the minds of the people.

The best part?

Facebook offers various options to interact with clients like Facebook stories, Short Videos, Live Video broadcast, GIFs, and much more. So if you are eager to see all the interacting options on a single platform, Facebook is the perfect option.

Grow Your Network Using The Power Of Instagram

Instagram is an enormously growing network and the best visual platform. There are over 1 billion monthly users of Instagram, and you can get a lot of fan following by posting attractive small videos and enticing images of your brand.

The visual networking options of Instagram makes it the best place for the delivery-only restaurant businesses and foodies. People love to use three things to present on Instagram.

In short, it is the place where word-of-mouth comes into play.

Host Live Q/A Sessions on Facebook & Instagram And Give Insight To Your Food Business

As we know that delivery-only restaurants have no dine-in facilities, and they have to make their impact using the online menu, there are very few options left if they neglect the power of social media.

As a delivery-only restaurant, you should find out various ways to interact with the audience, and the most perfect of them is doing online Question and Answer sessions on Instagram and Facebook.

You may ask:

What should we tell our customers in Q/A sessions?

The answer is just everything about your food business. Still, confused? Let me break each element down!

So, you can tell the following things in the live question and answer sessions, and try to cover almost all the aspects of your brand.

● What are the sources of your food ingredients? ● How do you ensure safe and timely delivery? ● Answer all the complaints and queries of the customers ● What makes you stand out from the competitors ● What discount offers and coupons do you have for your social media clients? ● How do you maintain a smooth social media ordering? ● What is your website and how customers can order food using the food delivery buttons on Facebook and Instagram? ● What are some new and unique features of your food ordering app?

And much more!

A Quick Tip: Many popular food businesses host online food cooking sessions. It is another perfect way to tell what you can present to potential customers. We recommend not only making live cooking videos but also focus on presenting some easy food hacks.

Introduce Weekly Specials & Promote Them On Social Media

Whether you are an Italian foodie or offer Chinese dishes, you must have some weekly specials. For example, if you are a Chinese delivery-only restaurant, you can offer Sichuan Pork every Saturday.

Now here comes the main part!

As you have updated your online menu and added some weekly specials, who knows?

So, it’s time to promote your special offers and keep updating the pictures throughout the week so your potential customers will be enticed to get to know about all the deals that you offer on a weekly basis.

It is one of the creative ways to attract clients directly to your online menu.

You should also add links to your online menu with call-to-action phrases like

● Click here to check our weekly special offer. ● Are you a vegetarian? Here is the unique Saturday dish for you. ● Want to get your favorite Shrimp with Vermicelli and Garlic? Get it right now.

Entice The Social Media Audience By Real-Time Offers

Do you know that the most authentic way to get sales within hours is to entice customers with real-time offers? Not sure about it?

Here is the kicker for you!

Offer some free dessert, drink, or a new dish if the customer will buy some deal within the next five hours. You can also show a countdown to create an atmosphere of excitement.

These real-time interactions will spice up your social presence, and these techniques also work best on other social platforms like Twitter and Snapchat.

Snapchat is also a very superb way to attract the young lot. An estimate reveals that 73% of the American users are young boys and girls between age 16-21. Three things are worth mentioning in your Snapchat stories.

● Beautiful natural scenes ● Photos of your food ● Images of the cooks or the cooking gear.

It will give strong insight to young customers, and they will learn more about your taste.

Collaborate With Youtube Influences to Make Your Mark

You will be surprised to know that 75% of Americans prefer Youtube over Facebook, so when you will promote your brand using the power of influencer marketing, people will start concentrating on your brand more than ever.

Approach the influential Youtube celebrities and ask them to tell people about your brand and food quality. You can also use diversified ways like inviting a youtube celebrity to your virtual kitchen. In this way, your content seem more engaging,

So, how are you going to do this?

Bear in mind, you have to collaborate with only the local Youtube personalities and the influential people in your region. There is no need to look for global influencers, as you have to keep a strict eye on your budget as well. Local food bloggers, fitness experts, large-scale home cooks, and even travel vloggers of your city can be invited.

You can also collaborate with dieticians, nutritionists, and herbal experts to make your video content more informative and engaging.

Take The Help Of Social Media To Reach The Right Set Of Audience!

The secret of success lies in adopting these powerful ways to boost delivery-only restaurant business on social media. Do not forget to use the relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your marketing strategies. Hashtags play a vital role in pushing your brand and self-promote it.

Now you have read about some creative ways to boost your food business on social media, which of the above-mentioned ways do you like the most?

Collaborating with youtube personalities or introducing weekly specials?

Want to get more customers and orders?

Restogy is an online ordering system that works for your restaurant. Whether you want a digital menu or improve your website google search, we can help.

The best part?

Getting customers through Facebook and Instagram is now much easier with our Marketing tools and social media conversation tactics.

What are you waiting for?

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